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The Phoenix Suns seem like a fun bunch, don't they? They've got Steve Nash(notes) running around making all kinds of weird videos and playing excellent fourth quarters with one enormous round eye. Then there's Amar'e Stoudemire(notes) who spends most of his time getting incomprehensible tattoos and spouting off pseudo-philosophical adages while calling himself Sun Tzu. There's a Nick Cannon look-alike, a Sideshow Bob doppelganger, and Jared Dudley's(notes) "JMZ" act. They're like a successful version of the 2007 Washington Wizards.

According to FanHouse's Chris Tomasson, it's not just appearances either. The Suns really do love having fun, mostly by cracking on Louis Amundson(notes) for being an athletic white guy.

"The running joke for Lou, when he was coming out, was that the only players people would compare him to were white players," Collins said. "It's kind of a funny running joke that he was compared to Cherokee Parks when he comes out even though he plays nothing like him."

So, when sitting on the bench during games, Dudley and Collins make a point of comparing Amundson to white guys.

"They don't compare him to black guys even though he's very athletic," Dudley said. "It's always somebody like Cherokee Parks. So whenever we see somebody similar (or actually dissimilar) to Lou, we always give (Amundson) that nickname. Cherokee Parks is one (even if he is retired). Tyler Hansbrough(notes) of Indiana (also more lumbering than Amundson) is another. It's never a black player, though. ... I give him 'Birdman,'" in reference to Denver's Andersen, who's actually very athletic and a good comparison.

Yes! I just knew the Suns were awesome and this totally proves it. I can't think of a better way to pass the time on an NBA bench than joking with a teammate that he plays like every non-athletic white guy in the league, especially because, as Jarron Collins(notes) says, it's "in a way that's not insulting." Way to go, Suns.

In fact, I hope this catches on with every team across all races. I'd love to read a story about Zaza Pachulia(notes) and Mario West(notes) telling Al Horford(notes) he plays exactly like Charlie Villanueva(notes) because they're both Dominican. Or maybe Brad Miller(notes) and Jannero Pargo(notes) comparing Joakim Noah(notes) to a combination of Jonas Jerebko(notes), Yakhouba Diawara(notes) and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje because Noah's Swedish, French and Cameroonian. Clearly this is the best NBA joke since Vinny Del Negro called Kirk Hinrich "Kurt."

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Ball Don't Lie

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