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All-star center Shaquille O'Neal, among the biggest jokesters in league history, got a taste of his own medicine when he was the victim of a prank himself on Tuesday afternoon following the Suns' final practice.

As seen above, and in these photos here, one plucky punk turned his "police van" into a UPS parcel full of pink packing peanuts. (Feel free to try and read that previous sentence out loud three times fast. I can't.)

The suspect? Young Suns forward Lou Amundson who has been on the wrong end of pranks all season long, the majority coming from Shaq.

You see, Amundson, who lives downtown and likes sweet jumps, usually rides his bicycle to work. More times than not though, his wheels "magically disappear" from the spot he parked it before practice.

The Big David Copperfield? Shaq, of course, who regularly has Suns' staff members hide the bike throughout the arena. In fact, add it all up, and poor Lou has likely wasted days wandering the back hallways of the U.S. Airways Center trying to find a lost silver beach cruiser. That's valuable time he could have spent shampooing and combing his ponytail.

And, oh, that ponytail! If you believe Shaq's revenge threats, it might very well be gone. Stay tuned.

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Ball Don't Lie

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