Ball Don't Lie - NBA

The Cavs needed a miracle. LeBron James(notes) delivered. My cell phone blew up. I dropped a beer.

That is an honest to God Shammgod true story. My jeans absolutely reek of Duvel right now.

In case you haven't seen, heard or received a text, LeBron made a ridiculous fadeaway three over Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu(notes) as the final buzzer sounded Friday night to give the Cavs a 96-95 victory over Orlando to tie — and let's be honest here, save — the Eastern Conference finals at one win apiece. Watch. This.

The crazy part: One second before James' shot, Hedo hit a 12-footer in the lane to give the Magic, who overcame a 23-point — say it again! — 23-point deficit, a 95-93 lead. Cleveland called a timeout, Mike Brown drew some stick figures on a white board, and the league's MVP did the rest.


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Ball Don't Lie

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