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This is Larry Brown's second season as head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats. In Larry Brown terms, that's a life sentence. Naturally, he has contacted the Clippers about taking over for Kim Hughes, should he find himself jobless. Or, you know, just bored.

The news comes from Sports Illustrated's Frank Hughes.

Brown, according to sources, was concerned that George Postolos, Charlotte's would-be owner if Jordan's group hadn't raised the necessary capital, was prepared to clean house, which meant that Brown would have been out. To preserve his position as an NBA coach, Brown reached out to Clippers owner Donald Sterling to let him know that he is open to returning to L.A.

To be fair, Brown does own a home in Malibu, plus his wife reportedly wants to move back to California. But c'mon, Larry Brown!

Everybody already thinks you're kind of skeezy for the way you left the Pistons and the Knicks. Not to mention you'd be going to the Clippers. The Clippers, Larry Brown!

It just doesn't make sense. Remember how much you don't like playing young players? Well, the Clippers are basically all young players. And they'll be even younger next year — Blake Griffin(notes) will be back, and they'll have whoever they pick in this year's draft. You're going to hate it there. Except for the beautiful weather and low pressure situation. That part would be cool.

But do you really think Michael Jordan would fire you? He might not be the greatest front office guy in history, but he knows you're a good coach. Oh, and you're from North Carolina. That's like a a guaranteed job in the NBA. You should be fine.

Maybe just chill out on this one, Larry. Stick around and the Bobcats might even up pretty good.

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