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He may have been a bit more eloquent than Tracy McGrady(notes), who managed to use an expletive in the description of his feelings, but you get the sense that Larry Brown would much rather be plying his trade in Oklahoma City these days, rather than the state where he starred in college and won big as an ABA coach.

When asked something about Kevin Durant(notes) -- the question isn't quoted so we're assuming it went along the lines of, "is Kevin Durant both tall and good at basketball?" -- Brown went off on a dreamy little tangent after referencing Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti. From Thunder Rumblings:

"I look at him and some of our young guys in the NBA and I think our league's in pretty good shape," Brown started. "And this team (the Thunder) probably is a testimony to that. Look at their young kids. Their not only terrific talents, they're better kids. They've done the greatest job of bringing in good kids that represent the league well. When they're talking about respect for the game, that team's a poster child for that. So the West better watch out."

Looks like Thunder coach Scott Brooks better watch out, because Larry Brown wants his job. Then again, he probably wants 29 other jobs, too. Just as long as nobody ever has to call him on his bluff of wanting to coach high school hoops.

As noted by the Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry, Brown eventually did get back to talking about Durant:

"But Kevin, I know we have a lot of great scorers in our league, but he doesn't need a lot of shots to score."

Like, say, Stephen Jackson(notes)?

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Ball Don't Lie

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