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Remember how Lamar Odom(notes) didn't want to bring his wife, reality star Khloe Kardashian, to Boston because the fans were "a little more hostile?" At the time it might have seemed like a bit of an overreaction. So what if she acts silly on TV? Nothing to worry about, Lamar.

Well, it turns out leaving Mrs. Odom at home was a pretty good choice, because the people at had a special surprise for the Lakers sixth man, and if his wife was there, things might have been a little awkward.

Yep, those are Khloe Kardashian masks, sure to be this Halloween's most popular costume. And though we've seen similar stunts in the past, this one is still pretty funny, even if Tauntr's incessant references to Kardashian as "the ugly sister" are terribly stupid and uncalled for. But the masks? Those are really funny.

According to its website, Tauntr handed out 5,000 Khloe masks in the hopes that Odom would continue to struggle in the finals. Considering it's not uncommon to play poorly in front of just one of your significant other, the added stress of another 4,999 of them would seem to be a sure-fire way to throw someone off their game.  

However, Odom played his best game of the championship round, going for 12 points without missing a shot all night. Throw in five rebounds in nearly 28 minutes a play and you get a game-high +14 in the always-insightful +/- column.

Turns out Lamar Odom loves playing in front of his wife, especially if there are several thousand of her. Talk about your all-time backfires.

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Ball Don't Lie

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