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Lakers Blog commenter 'UnderTheBlueSky' caught this interesting exchange during last night's game: "It's been widely reported that Lamar Odom is the X factor in the series. If true, the Lakers may be in trouble. Physically, and perhaps mentally, Odom doesn’t seem up to the task. Early in the 1st quarter after Boston had scored, Odom tried to get past Perkins who had just reversed direction, but Perkins wouldn't budge. Odom submissively tapped Perkins on his rear, then went around him. But the moment perfectly captured Boston's message to the Lakers: "you don't scare us." Sure enough, Odom played weak the rest of the game."

Now, is 'UTBS' looking too much into one mini stand-off? Probably. But I recall the exchange, and remember thinking something similiar. It was obvious that Perkins wasn't going to move for Odom, and he sure as hell wanted the Lakers to know it. Gotta love the mind games.

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Ball Don't Lie

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