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Sorry Perkins, James Posey was the real beast on Thursday. Big Game James sparked the Celtics 24-point comeback with 18 off the bench, which included a huge three-pointer from — where else? — the left corner in the final minutes, and played shutdown perimeter and interior defense all night.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose News wasn't the least bit surprised:

Let me tell you a story about Posey. I have intermittently driven Jason Richardson’s very voluble agent, Dan Fegan, absolutely into FULL INSANE SCREECH MODE over the years by consistently arguing to him that I’d take Posey over J-Rich, period, every day of the week.

Sometimes, I feared for my eardrums when Dan and I had this discussion, yet we’d have it often, in the years that Richardson was a Warrior and Dan kept asking me why I didn’t think Jason should get max-money.

I said: Jason doesn’t do the all-around stuff that wins games. Like who? Dan would always ask. Like Posey, I’d say. AND THEN SCREAMING FROM DAN.

I first said it probably four years ago, and since then: Posey was a key member of the Miami’s 2006 title team, and he’s about to win another with Boston.

Posey makes huge shots–like he did tonight. He defends anybody and everybody–Kobe can’t drive on him or shoot over him and Lamar Odom does zip against him. That’s the definition of a great defender.

Posey was a +14 in the plus/minus off the bench in 26 minutes tonight. He’s a good, good player. Danny: I’ll take Posey over J-Rich. I’ll take Posey over 90% of the two-guards in the NBA. Tell me: Other than Kobe and Ginobili, what current two-guard has done more to help get multiple titles than Posey?


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Ball Don't Lie

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