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The Finals are over, the city of Orlando has kindly asked me to leave and I actually slept for more than three hours last night. Still, I have some catching up to do. So while I attempt that, in case you missed it, here's a roundup of some of the things we came up with while following the Lakers and Magic in Los Angeles and Orlando. 

Behind the Box Scores

*BtB, where we have a champion
*BtB, where the Lakers put the hammer down
*BtB, where the Magic had something to say
*BtB, where the Magic wouldn't go away
*BtB, where the Laker were dominant


*Phil, at ease
*Defining Pau Gasol's martyrdom
*The Kings are building around Paul Westphal
*Finally, Orlando's time
*Blake Griffin works out for the Clippers ... and others
*The Magic, and ‘anything can happen
*Lose the muzzle, Jeff Van Gundy


*Lakers pull away from Magic, win championship in five games
*Lakers win 2009 NBA championship
*Lakers take hold of series, down Magic in overtime
*Magic strike back, take Game 3
*Lakers escape with overtime win in Game 2
*Bryant strikes first, Lakers take Game 1

Press conference roundups

*Game 5 pre-game presser roundup
*Saturday's media availability roundup
*Off day notes, Bobcats broke, ‘Zo, Whitlock go off
*Stan Van Gundy: NCAA ‘worst organization going'
*Game 3 coaching presser reaction
*Practice thoughts: Lakers confident, Magic ... confident?
*David Stern's State of the NBA press conference
*Dissecting the coaching pressers


*BDL's Game 5 preview
*BDL's Game 4 preview
*BDL's Game 3 preview
*Game 2 preview, Magic on the rebound?
*Watch ‘em and weep: NBA Finals, Game 1
*Finals pick? Lakers in six
*Five ways for the Lakers to win it all
*Five ways for the Magic to win it all


*BDL's Finals chat!
*A list of the live blogs Skeets put together

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Ball Don't Lie

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