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If ever there were a player whose entire being was perfectly tailored to the personality of his team, it's J.R. Smith(notes). He's super talented, explosive offensively, only intermittently cares about defense and — most pertinent to this discussion — absolutely covered in tattoos. They're on his chest, his neck, his arms, his neck again, his arms again and then on his neck again. He's the physical embodiment of everything that the Denver Nuggets are known to be.

That commitment to the Nuggets ethos explains why he'd get some crazy tattoos during the offseason. And get some crazy tattoos, he did, even somehow squeezing another immense work of art on his already crowded neck. He showed his new ink off on Twitter.

Ah, yes, the ever elusive under-jaw tattoo. Rarely seen, always intriguing and never ever hideous upon aging. The red stars as garnish are also a nice touch, like sparkly ribbons dangling from bicycle handlebars only if made from ink and flesh.

But J.R. wasn't done. No, one new regrettable tattoo wasn't enough. He had to at least match teammate Chris Andersen's(notes) offseason total of two new bad tattoos, so Smith got a finger tattoo that has already been dubbed "Married to the Game."

Pun-tastic! While it's not quite as hilarious as Andersen's new mustache finger (gross), this is the definition of a fun-loving finger tattoo. The "I do" part kills me, because it's like J.R. Smith made sure everyone knew this was a marriage theme. I also like his finger saying that his marriage to the NBA was "established" in 2004, because that's just classic wedding talk. Lots of people call their wedding date their establishing date, duh.

It's been a big summer for the Nuggets. No, not for anything actually basketball related, but they have added two new neck tattoos and two new finger tattoos. For the Nuggets, that might be more important than Al Harrington(notes) and Shelden Williams(notes).

(h/t Dime)

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Ball Don't Lie

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