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It’s time to get ready for the NBA’s free-agent classWe'll be honest, we don't know when NBA free agents can start talking to teams. As it stands now, NBA owners can't even talk to the players they used to (and eventually will return to) employ. So it's possible that teams can start to woo someone like Jeff Green(notes), pictured at right, later in the week. Or, they might have to wait until the 9th of December. Either way, five months after it should have happened, the free-agency period is about to begin.

You've read the best, those top 15 that Yahoo! Sports' Marc J. Spears detailed on Monday. Now? Read the rest of the ... well, not the best. All the restricted and unrestricted free agents that the NBA has to offer, as detailed by SB Nation giant Tom Ziller.

And if you waltzed into a salon to steal Wi-Fi from today just in time to read a text from your father that read "T.J. Ford?" You'd be like me, and you're correct in just letting that one go. After years of getting it right, Dad is due for a basketball-related misstep. He's been right on just about everything else.

And the hype around Nene? He's probably the best free agent available, and we respect the heck out of his game. But if mostly rebuilding teams full of 24-year-olds are pinning their hopes on signing a 29-year-old center? One that will be limping around the court by the time the kids hit their prime? Well, this is why we had a lockout in the first place.

The lesson with this list? Pay attention to who goes where, so that you can accurately blame the 2017 lockout on the owners.

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Ball Don't Lie

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