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Steve Nash(notes) is scrappy, Canadian, and a gamer. Choose your favorite adjective for "tough" and it works. To help you keep track of Nash's various injuries, Ball Don't Lie presents the Steve Nash Injury Index. Never look silly talking about Nash's injuries again!

Just a shade over three weeks after Steve Nash took a Tim Duncan(notes) elbow to the eye, everyone's favorite point guard got popped by another inadvertent body part. This time it was Derek Fisher's(notes) freshly shaved head. These senior citizens of the NBA need to learn to keep their bodies to themselves, lest Joel Anthony(notes) become the NBA's most famous Canuck.

After a little face-to-head action from Fisher, Nash's nose was assumed to have been broken. But as Nash told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, that's not quite the case.

"I don't think I broke it, I think I rearranged it," Nash joked. "Obviously there's a dent and it's bent. I think I whacked the cartilage out of place, but I tried to push it back into place so it's not as bent now, but it's still nicely curved."

Four years of health science studies tell me that noses are mostly cartilage. So if you were to have that cartilage "rearranged," that's kinda sorta a broken nose. I'm not one to pick nits — or noses, for that matter — but let's call a nose a nose here: Steve Nash is going to be playing playoff basketball with a broken nose. He's a regular Wilson Chandler out there.

So if you're scoring at home in your injury scorebook (weirdo), that's a busted eye and a busted nose in two consecutive playoff series. Judging by the slowly creeping downward trajectory of these injuries, we can only assume that if the Suns advance to the finals,  Nash will have some teeth knocked out in the next round by a Kevin Garnett(notes) knee. I wonder if anyone would make any hockey jokes if that happened?

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