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Did you watch Saturday night's Jazz vs. Nuggets game? Or were you out at an R. Kelly concert bumpin' and grindin'? Well, if you watched the game — as you should have, considering the DVD is just as good as the live show — then you saw a pretty strange ad during the game that probably threw you for a loop. But if you were dancing to "Ignition (Remix)," here's the ad in question.

Weird, eh? I mean, yeah, Carmelo Anthony(notes) probably does have some fans in Utah, but they probably didn't sponsor a PSA during a nationally televised playoff game.

But if you paid close attention, you may have cracked the code behind the origins of this commercial.

That screenshot comes courtesy of SB Nation's Seth Pollack and it basically solves the riddle. As you might know, Carmelo Anthony is a member of Team Jordan. In fact, 'Melo and Chris Paul(notes) are the only NBA guys that have their own signature shoes with Jordan Brand. And since the Hornets were pretty Bad News Bears this season, it looks like Carmelo will be the beneficiary of a formidable postseason marketing budget. Lucky him.

So yeah, the ad is super weird but pretty awesome, kinda like all the best things in life. Hopefully, if the Nuggets advance, we'll see a new one of these for every city the Nuggets play against. And hopefully, they get even weirder.

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Ball Don't Lie

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