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Changing numbers is the new big thing in the NBA, especially if you choose to wear 6. Gilbert Arenas(notes) is the latest to file a petition to switch numbers, and he'll be joining LeBron James(notes) in his tribute to Eddie Jones(notes).

While LeBron is just going to need a new logo, Gilbert is going to need a whole new identity. Ever since the Wizznuttz dubbed him "Agent Zero," that's been his moniker. But if he's not wearing the number, he can't have the nickname.

Naturally, I figure we can lend him a hand. We know Arenas loves his nicknames, so these have to be good.

Here's some suggestions to start.

• "Six Shooter" - Nevermind.

• "Gilbo" - If Arenas were more obsessed with winning a ring this would make more sense.

• "Seis" - "Six" in Spanish, which is a reference to Gilbert's Cuban roots. 

• "Bonesaw" - This is just a good nickname for anyone.

• "Hibachi" - It just seems natural that Gilbert's catchphrase could morph in to a nickname.

• "Tigerbelly" - Well, he does have a tiger on his belly.

This is a lot harder than you'd think. But speaking of what you think, let us know in the comments. Surely you can do better than I did.

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Ball Don't Lie

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