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Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans

There's no point in telling you that the Hornets/Lakers matchup will be the best game on tonight, because this Wednesday lineup is sickening beyond belief. In a good way. Sick = good, just like the kids say. The kids do say that, right?

Look at the other candidates. Philly's in Toronto. The runnin' Pacers are in New Jersey to take on a Nets team that is an engaging watch. Atlanta is in Boston, trying to lose to the C's in Massachusetts by under 25 points this time. Greg Oden returns for the Trail Blazers on national TV in Miami (does ESPN know that the Heat don't have Shaquille O'Neal on their roster anymore?), Shaq takes on Yao in ESPN's second game (apparently they do), while the Clippers/Kings game should be a fun watch.

But Lakers/Hornets? This has to be it.

So what if David West is struggling a little bit? So the Lakers might be tired after taking it to the hilt against the Mavs last night? So what if Amare is going at Yao? So what if the Knicks are in Memphis, and Zach Randolph can finally show Chris Wallace what he missed out on?

11 games tonight. 10 of them good, one of them Wizards/Jazz, but Hornets/Lakers stand out. Comment away as the night drones on, and enjoy a sound conclusion to your Hump Day.

Los Angeles Lakers: 6-0, 95.8 possessions per game (3rd-most in the NBA), 111.3 points scored per 100 possessions (3rd-most in the NBA), 90.6 points allowed per 100 possessions (1st in the NBA). Tin Soldier.

New Orleans Hornets: 4-2, 88.8 possessions per game (25th), 110.4 points scored per 100 (6th), 104.7 points allowed per 100 (15th). All or Nothing.

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Ball Don't Lie

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