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I don't visit my bank often. One generally needs time and money to make that 15-minute trip, and, well, I'm more often than not strapped for both. (Especially the money — I have a t-shirt problem. The problem being that I keep finding them online and buying them. It's a disease. I need help.)

But on the rare occasion that I do find myself waiting in line at the bank, my mind, as it is wont to do, wanders to basketball. "If I crumpled up this phone bill, do I have a shot at the wastebasket over by the door?" "Foreign transaction fee? I'll dunk on your head, you tie-grinnin' shmuck!" "Throw me the pen oop, creepy-lookin' Korean lady with the bag of nickels!" And so on, and so on. (Yes, this is also a disease.)

Which is my I'm strongly considering taking my monies to this Allied First Bank in Oswego, Illinois:

Not surprisingly, AFB's president and chief executive, Kenneth Bertrand, is believed to have created the first full-size U.S. basketball court located inside a bank. The court, which also has bathrooms with showers, is a center for fundraisers, community events and youth sports activities.

It is awesome, and gives a whole new meaning to traveler's checks.

Cheers, David Brown.

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Ball Don't Lie

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