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Sulaiman Folarin is the editor of He drops by BDL today with some special election kicks ...

Leading up to the presidential election, NBA players Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady have each made a stand. Both players will wear inscriptions promoting the election on their customized shoes on Tuesday night when they face each other as the Houston Rockets host the Boston Celtics.

How can they do this and not get fined? Is this possible in David Stern's strict league? It is because of the new NBA rule, which allows footwear modifications for special events like opening night, Valentine's Day or the election.

"These are elections shoes, they are just a fun way for Adidas to help Kevin and Tracy bring out their personality on the court," said Lawrence Norman, vice president of global basketball at Adidas.

On opening night, KG wore a limited edition pair of Adidas shoes; only 17 pairs were made, honoring the Celtics' 17 titles. This time around, the shoes are only for Garnett and McGrady.

Perhaps the suits should rethink passing up on collector's items.

One thing to keep in mind: by the time you either get to the game or start watching on TV, realize that the polls will have closed.

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Ball Don't Lie

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