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If you don't know the sensational feel-good story of Chris "Birdman" Andersen by now, you probably A) have very little interest in watching the Denver Nuggets play playoff basketball, or B) just so happen to be Lakers bloggers Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky's mother. ("Hi, Mrs. Kamenetzky!")

But just in case, here's the crib notes version:

Andersen goes undrafted in the '99 Draft; starts pro career in China and the D-League; eventually gets called up by Denver; signs as a free agent with New Orleans; makes a joke of himself in the '05 Dunk Contest; is disqualified a year later from the NBA for violating the league's anti-drug policy; is reinstated two years later with NO/OKC; gets released; signs a new one-year deal with Denver; blocks every shot within reach; flaps his arms; wins over the hearts, hair and skin of The Mile High City.

And it's those last couple of points that are important. Because without them, we wouldn't have this glorious collection of Andersen disciples, or as Jeff Van Gundy likes to call 'em, "Birdman fanatics," caught nesting Monday night in the lowland stands of the Pepsi Center.




Please tell me that tattoo is real.

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