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Sometimes you have to wonder if David Kahn is pulling an Andy Kaufman-esque stunt in the hopes of making us realize the inherent flaws in NBA front-office executives. How else to explain a draft used to choose several point guards, followed by a second draft choosing several small forwards? It's almost like he's trying to show us that making mistakes is part of being the president of basketball operations, and that if you accept and embrace that aspect of the job, you can be successful. Or something like that. I don't really get it, because these seem like a bunch of inexplicable moves coming in rapid succession.

However, for all his weird drafts, alienation of potential draftees and general badness, Kahn is in the midst of planning his finest transactional malady. From the Pioneer Press' Ray Richardson:

A day after Wolves management used Thursday night's draft to become a more athletic and open-court team, president of basketball operations David Kahn suggested that the 7-foot center from Serbia Montenegro could be the difference in whether Al Jefferson(notes) returns to the Wolves next season.

Kahn acknowledged Friday that he is looking into trading Jefferson, the team's leading scorer last season, if Milicic, an unrestricted free agent, is re-signed.

"It's the right time finally for us to explore this," Kahn said of a possible Jefferson trade. "I've met with Al and discussed this. If Darko comes back, there could be a need to create some playing time. We really need to get our front line settled."

You read that right. David Kahn is going to try to trade Al Jefferson because he re-signed Darko Milicic(notes). Yes, the same Darko Milicic that is regarded as one of the NBA's biggest draft busts, more for what the players chosen behind him became rather than his workmanlike production thus far; and yes, the same Al Jefferson who was the centerpiece of the trade that made it OK to let Kevin Garnett(notes) leave Minnesota. If this does happen, when coupled with Minnesota's draft-day trade of Ryan Gomes(notes), none of the players the Timberwolves got in return for KG will be a part of the team just three years after the swap. I'll let you write your own punchline, but I'd recommend something involving Gerald Green(notes).

Sure, it's true that the forward combo of Jefferson and Kevin Love(notes) isn't working as their skill sets are too similar, but this is just a pair of Bad Idea Jeans, if you ask me. Because of his knee problems, Jefferson is more valuable to Minnesota than any other team. That means Kahn is going to end up giving up a young, productive big man in order to make room for Darko Milicic? C'mon, son.

On the bright side, it's only two more years until Ricky Rubio(notes) comes to America. By then the NBA might have morphed into a "one point guard, four small forwards" league and Kahn will look like a genius. Just like Andy Kaufman.

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Ball Don't Lie

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