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Apparently these are the only two children in the history of being kids that have never read all the various fairy tales regarding wolves. Those things are dangerous! Of course, odds are that these two kiddos were signed to play point guard by David Kahn and that Crunch — the Timberwolves' mascot — was told they're off-limits. Best caption wins barbecue sauce.

Previously, Brad Miller can't figure out his headband.

Winner, Ryan: "If he were to punch you in the face, you'd have to fight off the urge to thank him. His enemies list him as an emergency contact. He can fluently speak French, in Russian. His charm is so contagious, a vaccine had to be created for it.
Brad Miller(notes): I'm not always sweaty, but when I am, I use... a headband."

Runner-up, indeedproceed: "And all the girls say I'm pretty fly, for a white guy....."

Second runner-up, J C: "Blindfolded" is the answer to:
"How did you learn to do the slow-motion drive to the hole"

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Ball Don't Lie

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