Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Adrian Dantley gets it. Just look at that face. He's as amazed and befuddled by LeBron James(notes) having a TV show about his free agency decision as the rest of us. Smirk away, A-Dog. Best caption wins an honorary MBA from the University of Phoenix. Good luck.

Previously, Chris Paul and Clifford the Big Red Dog are chillin'.

Winner, Stephen: "Chris Paul decides that Basketball purgatory looks exactly like he expected."

Runner-up, Kayz: "If I were Chris Paul(notes), and this were my room, and I had people over, I'd yell 'Ah, I sat on my balls!' everytime I sat on one of those couches. I bet that would never get old."

Second runner-up, Sean: "I call it my BUSketball court! HAHA! Get it guys? Get it? Ha! You guys do get it, right?"

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Ball Don't Lie

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