Ball Don't Lie - NBA

... except in the preseason. Below, sensitive Bucks forward Richard Jefferson argues a call, receives his second technical foul and is ejected by Ms. Violet Palmer during a game against the Pistons on Saturday. Best caption/imaginary conversation wins a box of Kleenex. Good luck, C-a-C'ers.

After the jump, don't cry for me Argentina Olympians.

Winner, Dick Smothers:

Oberto: "... and that's how you give the perfect nipple twister."
Scola: "Man, that does hurt."

Runner-up, Cookie Monster:
Oberto: "So Manu tells me that Popovich gets his free Gillette Razors from Tony Paker, who gets them from Thierry Henry. You know, that one commercial?
Scola: "Oh, the one where Tiger rubs Federer's hair ... his long, beautiful hair. I wish I had hair like that."

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Ball Don't Lie

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