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This kid is pretty happy to be meeting Mike Dunleavy, Jr. I'm not quite sure why, really. Maybe they just sealed a big business deal — that would explain the handshake — or maybe he's just a big fan of NBA coaches' sons. Either way, good for this kid. Best caption wins some polyester pants. Good luck.

Previously, Kobe and Jerry look longingly.

Winner, Bibz: "Buss: Wow. Adam Morrison(notes). 2 time champ. How does that sound?
Kobe: Seriously? But Jerry i just won my 5th champio....
Buss: I love that man. What a pick up.
KObe: But i got 1 more than shaq.
Buss: And hes got 2 more than reddick. Whats your point?"

Runner-up, Big Jake: "Kobe Bryant and Jerry Buss star in " The Notebook 2", coming soon to a theater near you."

Second runner-up, Hoosier: "Jerry: "Kobe, I'm so proud of you. We've been through a lot together , all the hardships and adversity and we've come out on top. But if you'll excuse me, Its time for me to hit the clubs with Ron.
Kobe: "What the?"

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Ball Don't Lie

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