Ball Don't Lie - NBA

If I were to tell you that there was a picture of two bros named "Luke" and "Channing" covering their mouths and giggling, you would probably think I was talking about Channing Tatum and Mark Hamill. You definitely wouldn't think I was talking about two professional basketball players. But we live in a beautiful world where Luke Walton(notes) and Channing Frye(notes) can have a giggle fight before playing for the Western Conference championship. Best caption wins Devo's "The New Traditionalists." Good luck.

Previously, Sheed loves getting boxed out.

Winner, Mad D: "The Great Basketball Oracle:
'-- And one of you shall lead the NBA in technicals and have a chance to win multiple championships'"

Runner-up, Ryan: "Rasheed: "Both teams stood around slack jawed, my man."

Second runner-up, 3rdcoastwildone: "Best `2 girls one cup' reaction video ever!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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