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Today's C-a-C pic, courtesy of BDL reader Tim. "My friends took a photo the other night at a club in San Francisco," Tim e-mailed in. "Apparently, they didn't tell Warriors center Andris Biedrins(notes) he couldn't be in it!" Ah, yes, what a prankster. The bunny ears are a bit off, but that side-busting game-face is on point. Best PG-caption wins a drink. Good luck.

After the jump, Epic Vale's big head.

Winner, Scott E:
Now that I've completed my Rhodes Scholarship, cured cancer, and accepted a Nobel Prize for Physics, I guess I'll dabble a bit in team sports. I like the fact that the ball is round and not an oblate spheroid. Now, how to keep this garment around my torso and not around my feet ... hmmm, thank goodness I am proficient in fractal geometry.

Co-runner-up, ZooLou:
Here's a prime example of letting a little fame give you a big head. Rookie mistake. You hate to see that.

Co-runner-up, rccostner:
Kill + Mode = Chee$e + USA Basketball mini camp = Hydrocephaly

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Ball Don't Lie

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