Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban disagrees with a call in a game against the Warriors on Monday — so much so that he put Dirk right to sleep. Best caption wins a German pillow. Good luck, mates.

After the jump, Jarrett Jack entertains Tas Melas and friends.

Winner, zipster:
Jack: "Check out my impression of Earl Boykins(notes) skying for a rebound."

Co-runner-up, tmhgrls:
Wealthy Old Man: "Here I am showing everyone my dick-in-a-box, and they're all watching Jarrett shoot an air-ball. Geez! Well, at least Tas has my attention."

Co-runner-up, Joshua S:
Star struck, Tas stares in amazement as Toronto celebs Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard and Mr. White take time off from Clue high jinks to take in a Raps game.

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Ball Don't Lie

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