Ball Don't Lie - NBA

French Magic man Mickael Pietrus(notes) argues a call with referee Tom Washington during the first quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals in Los Angeles. Pietrus fouled out with 3:08 left in regulation. Best caption/imaginary conversation wins two tickets to see Roch Voisine. Bonne chance, mes amis!

After the jump, Driving Mr. Odom.

Winner, ragefury624:
Odom: You know, it wouldn't hurt to stop at a gas station and ask for directions ...
Pau: (grunts)

Runner-up, Denver:
Pau: See, Lamar, this is why you shouldn't sugar. You always crash. You know, the sugar actually temporarily spikes your blood sugar then ...
Odom: Ugh ... You tell me this every day after practice.
Pau: ... and then you get so tired you can't drive straight, and your eyes zone out, and you look kinda like this ...
Odom: Does anyone out there have some gummy bears or something?

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Ball Don't Lie

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