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Sean May of the Charlotte Bobcats gives thanks to dinner as he celebrates Thanksgiving Dinner at Jillian's in Charlotte, North Carolina. Best caption/imaginary conversation with Matt Carroll wins roast turkey, oyster stew, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, dressing, creamed asparagus tips, snowflake potatoes, baked carrots, hot rolls, fruit salad, mince meat pie, fruit cake, apples, corn and cigars. Best of luck, gents.

After the jump, 'Melo is mesmerized by K-Mart's tattoo.

Winner, andre:
Melo: Was Coach Karl wearing lipstick during our pregame wrestling match?

Runner-up, Numba9:
Melo: So, uh, LaLa thought you were me because I cut my braids?
K Mart: Basically. Uh, lets change the subject.
Melo: You voting for Marbury for the 2009 All Star game?

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Ball Don't Lie

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