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On Monday, Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki(notes) was at the American Airlines Center Box Office selling tickets to the NBA All-Star Jam Session. (Watch the video, he's freakin' hilarious.) The first 100 people to purchase a Jam Session ticket at the event received an autograph from the eight-time NBA All-Star. And guess what? Best caption of the photo below wins an autograph from this zero-time NBA All-Star. Good luck.

After the jump, the Knicks stink up the joint.

Winner, Noam S:
With his team en route to a historic home loss, Mike D'Antoni's mind wanders off to memories of Steve Nash(notes), as Air Supply's "All Out Of Love" plays in the background.

Co-runner-up, Grant:
D'Antoni runs his fingers through his mustache and thinks: "At least I'm not coaching the Nets ... I'm not coaching the Nets ... I am NOT coaching the Nets ... Am I coaching the Nets? The frontcourt is awful and the backcourt is even worse ... No, I'm not looking at you, Dirk."

Co-runner-up, Castro:
From the age of bronze to the age of Isiah, Rodin's thinker has long embodied man's questions about existence. For instance: Is a life in which Chris Duhon(notes) starts truly a life worth living?

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Ball Don't Lie

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