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The Wolves are on the brink of firing have fired coach Randy Wittman, according to Jim, NBA sources and oh, me last week. But Al Jefferson says it doesn't matter who holds that clipboard: "They could do whatever they wanted to do," Jefferson said of Wolves management. "But it starts right here in this locker room with us. Jesus Christ himself could come out here and coach us, but if we don't go out there and play hard and play together, it won't mean nothing." Yikes. Best caption wins a hug. Best of luck.

After the jump, Rocky gets high.

Winner, Hambone:
With tough economic times leading to layoffs in the maintenance department, everyone has to do their part when the Jumbotron goes on the fritz.

Runner-up, tmic23:
Little does everyone know, that within the mascot's costume, lies Sam Mitchell.

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Ball Don't Lie

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