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One side, StubbleHub McSunglassHut. Steer clear, Tylerish HansBro. Don't you dare even think about blowing that whistle, ref. The point guard of the Phoenix Suns is in a hurry, and he will not be impeded. The question is: What's got his backfield in motion?

Best caption wins love, which Mama said you can't hurry, if I remember correctly. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, locked in an eternal struggle. First one to let go owes the other guy three bucks.

Winner, greyberger: Forward Tim Duncan(notes) is forced to trade bald spots with teammate Manu Ginobili(notes) after losing a round of boo-ray.

Runner-up, rikiddo: "We should never have bet Pop that we couldn't squander a 20-point lead."

Second runner-up, My name is Jason: "Tim, this is very uncomfortable. You cannot teach fundamentals through hand-to-head osmosis."

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Coaches Know All the Tricks Division, goes to mctr92977:

Ginobili: "Tim, how could you fall for the old industrial adhesive gag again?"

Duncan (under breath): "Bonner!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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