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All across the country, kids are returning to classrooms. Rather it be elementry schoolers, bratty high school tweens or college students, kids are gathering their Jansports, Lisa Frank folders and Trapper Keepers for another year of tutelage. As anyone who's ever attended school knows, to make a good impression year after year, having fresh gear is of the utmost necessity.

And when it comes to super fly, super dope, super fresh gear, there's not much better than the NBA's current MVP and a bunch of his NBA buddies showing up to ball out. That's why we have to consider the Miami Hurricanes the coolest kids in school. From the Associated Press:

LeBron James(notes) went back to school Thursday, working out against the Miami Hurricanes.

The NBA's two-time reigning MVP and some of his new Miami Heat teammates made a surprise stop at the university's basketball facility for some informal scrimmaging against the Hurricanes. James, Udonis Haslem(notes), Mike Miller(notes), Patrick Beverley(notes) and New Orleans guard Chris Paul(notes) -- a close friend of James -- played pickup for more than an hour.

"Just left ‘The U' hooping with the team ... Great runs! Needed that," James posted on Twitter after the workout session.

Some of Miami's players hadn't been told beforehand that James and his crew would be popping in for a workout. James and the NBA players, including injured Heat guard Mario Chalmers(notes), stayed afterward to pose for pictures.

Not a bad surprise, and I'd bet the intensity of the Hurricanes' pickup games was turned up a few notches. Of course, if all those NBA guys ended up on the same team, they probably weren't the fairest games in the world. I mean, college kids can definitely shut down LeBron and CP3 with ease, but asking them to handle Udonis Haslem's 12-footers on top of that is quite a chore.

As for the Heat, it's good to see all these disparate parts getting a chance to familiarize themselves with each other on the court. It'll be hard to get used to playing with the far superior team if they're going to compete for an NBA title, so it's good they are getting some summer runs in together. Next up for the pseudo-Heat — David Rivera's Pscyhedelic Sons of Funk, the University of Miami's intramural champions. Just a tuneup, really.

Oh, and in case you had somehow forgot, Chris Paul and LeBron James are still best friends who love playing basketball together. Do with that what you must, conspiracy theorists.

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Ball Don't Lie

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