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See, this is what happens when you lose to the Memphis Grizzlies by 10 points.

In an online petition to Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling and executive president Andy Roeser, disgruntled Clips fans are asking for the head of GM and coach Mike Dunleavy. Not literally, of course. Who wants that thing in a glass jar of emotion? No, they just want good ol' Dunleavy to be fired.

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition had, oh, about 12 signatures. (What? They just put it up. Let's give it a little time to find Bill Simmons, Clipper Darrel's awesome suit, and the rest of Clips Nation.)

Should you be interested in signing such a petition, here's a little taste of what you'll be agreeing with in the electronic document.

Note: I've also sprinkled in some photos of the Clippers during fourth-quarter "action" to help drive home the petition's point.

Mr. Donald Sterling and Mr. Andy Roeser, I plead with you — please fire Mike Dunleavy or relieve him of his coaching duties. Look at the talent your team has, and look at their inability to have a productive offense [...] The team looks wonderful on paper, yet their offensive sets are horrible and Mike's substitutions are even worse. [...]

Here are Mike's numbers:

2003/2004 — 28 Wins, 54 Losses
2004/2005 — 37 Wins, 45 Losses
2005/2006 — 47 Wins, 35 Losses
2006/2007 — 40 Wins, 42 Losses
2007/2008 — 23 Wins, 59 Losses
2008/2009 — 19 Wins, 63 Losses

One winning season in six years, that is absolutely terrible. There is no reason for him to keep coaching.

We are asking you, as fans of this team [...] please release Mike Dunleavy of his coaching duties. Too many players have complained of his coaching, and even players who aspired to become coaches, i.e. Sam Cassel, who wanted to study under others (George Karl). What does this say? Dunleavy has never represented anything close to an elite coach and has done nothing but destroyed franchises. [...]

We are asking this as a favor to those of us who have supported this team long, long, long before Dunleavy was hired. We understand there are ups and downs; however we do expect a team to be competitive given their current talent level. Show this town you are committed to competing with the Lakers [...] and fire Mike Dunleavy now.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

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Ball Don't Lie

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