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Chris Bosh(notes) wants you to like him. He really, really does. While his teammates — you know, LeBron James(notes) and Dwyane Wade(notes) — are more than happy to let whatever criticism may come their way roll off their backs with hardly a mention to the press, Bosh prefers to address each and every negative thing said about him. When people were calling him a second fiddle, he told everyone that he wanted to be the main guy on a team (whoops!). When he was accused of playing with people's emotions during free agency, he fessed up to it and said he was trying to have fun (whoops again!). And when his former general manager from Toronto, Bryan Colangelo, said he quit on the Raptors, Bosh clapped back saying he put his "heart and soul" in to the team.

He can't seem to let that last one go. Just yesterday, Sports Illustrated published a little piece by Chris Mannix, mostly about how he never quit on Toronto. He is very adamant about that. A little too adamant, perhaps. Grey text, comin' at ya:

[Bosh] has regrets about his time in Toronto -- not making the playoffs last season ranks near the top -- but none about his decision to leave.

"Nobody wanted to make the playoffs more than me," Bosh said. "Nobody else wanted to make it more than me, trust me. I put in the work to be successful. I had a turned ankle and I had a broken nose that I had to stay in the hospital for, and I played through it. I know what I put into that organization and what I put into it was everything I had every night."

Some dispute that. Last month, Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo told a Toronto radio station that, from his perspective, Bosh mailed it in last season. [...]

Bosh rejects the suggestion that anything other than a legitimate injury kept him out of the Raptors' lineup.

"I've never quit at anything," Bosh said. "Comments like that, they don't bother me as a player. Professionally, I'm disappointed. [Colangelo and I] went through a lot together. He was the GM and we both tried our best to make that team better while I was there. We had many conversations, we went back and forth on e-mails, so just to hear that, it's disappointing. But at the end of the day, there's no reason to be upset. I know that I would have done anything to win."

Wait, so the comments don't bother him "as a player," but he's disappointed "professionally?" How does that work? Isn't Bosh's profession playing basketball? Yes, it is and that's why it's confusing. Maybe he's just mad that Colangelo would say something mean about him, because they sent emails back and forth and Bosh though they were friends? I don't know. Moving on.

Bosh can say he didn't quit all he wants, and it's certainly commendable that he played through some injuries, but maybe he tried just a little less hard at times. That tiny bit of loafing makes for a huge difference in the NBA, especially on a team like the Raptors that had basically no room for error. If he struggled or took a play off here and there, that was Bad News Bears for Toronto. Furthermore, it's easy to understand taking it a little easy with a broken face. It's certainly not the best thing to do if you're a professional athlete, but it's definitely understandable. I mean, if I have a broken face I'm taking as many naps at possible, not playing the highest level of basketball in the world.

Nonetheless, the real issue is Bosh refusing to let this go. He's not going to win over fans in Toronto — he admits the situation had become "too poisonous" and he never really considered returned — and no one else is crazy about him bringing this up time and time again. He just needs to relax, enjoy being in Miami, find a belt for his khaki pants and let this thing go. So Brian Colangelo thinks he was mentally checked out — so what? If Bosh really, truly believes he tried hard the entire season then that shouldn't bother him. Have an inner peace, man.

Or, I guess, he could just make an entire documentary about his feelings towards Colangelo. That seems right up his alley.

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