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As you probably already know, Rony Seikaly has followed up his successful basketball career with a successful career as a DJ. It's only natural that a 6-foot-11 center who cut his teeth in Miami would return to the party scene behind the wheels of steel. Frankly, nothing could make more sense than that.

However, what you might not have known about Rony Seikaly is that he's not just a DJ. No, he's way more than that. Now, he's a recording artist as well. His first single, "Come With Me", will be officially released by New Jersey-based Subliminal Records Aug. 3. Head over to Soundcloud to have a listen.

Well, that's certainly something. I'm not really into the whole house music scene, so I can't tell you if it's good, but I can tell you that I was bopping my head and doing embarrassing dance moves around my living room. I can also definitely tell you that Seikaly wrote the song, from the beat to the synths to the lyrics. I can't imagine the words took a ton of time, but when you're grooving in the club, who cares? The beauty is in the breakdown, obviously.

Apparently, this is just the first of several singles that will be released through Subliminal. The next drops in September, so you're just going to have to make due until then with this banger. Or, if you're fancypants, you can catch Seikaly behind the tables on his international tour. Sure, you'd have to travel to Ibiza or Beirut, but it'd totally be worth it.

Let's hope Seikaly is just the first of many old centers to have bizarre post-NBA music careers. I'd love to see Jon Koncak teaching Jazzercise or Jim McIlvaine leading a tuba symphony.

(h/t Jeff Weiss)

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Ball Don't Lie

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