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LeBron isn't the only NBA'er who muses about playing pro football.

In an interview with ESPN the Magazine, Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis said he wants to play in the NFL — but not before he becomes an elite NBA player.

Elite, eh? That may take a little while.

"I will try it," said Davis, who's on the injured list for six weeks with a broken right thumb sustained in a good ol' fashioned car fight. "When I become an All-Star in the NBA, when I become a great player in the NBA, then I'll try football. One of my dreams has always been to play football."

The 6-foot-9, 290-pound "Baby" was reportedly a terrific two-way football player at University Laboratory High School in Baton Rouge, LA, starring at defensive end, defensive tackle and tailback. (Yes, tailback. And you thought Jerome Bettis was a bus!) Davis chose to hang up his cleats when he accepted a scholarship to play hoops at LSU. Good choice.

"I definitely could have made it to the NFL," Davis said.

As crazy as that might sound, Jill White, the athletic director at Davis' university, recalls watching him dominate the gridiron during his early years of high school. "Glen was a beast. He could do anything he wanted on the field. I can remember one game, he had people hanging all over him, maybe four different guys trying to take him down and he was just dragging them all along."

Below is some footage of Davis playing pigskin during his sophomore year in high school.

What do you think, scouts?

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