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In what could have been his final four games as a member of the Utah Jazz, former All-Star forward Carlos Boozer(notes) slugged through a miserable series.

The free-agent-to-be averaged a respectable 15.5 points and 13 rebounds against Los Angeles, but he shot 44 percent, played miserable defense, missed several clutch shots down the stretch of a pivotal Game 3, and saw eight of his shots blocked while trying to work through the massive Laker front line.

His final game of the series was the worst, as Boozer fouled out while managing just 10 points and making four turnovers in 37 minutes play. And he'll probably need a ride home from what could be his final home contest in Salt Lake City.

Multiple first-hand reports on Twitter pointed out that one of the Laker team buses charged with shuttling team staff along with some local reporters to and from EnergySolutions Arena backed into Boozer's Cadillac Escalade following the game. Let's let ESPN 710's John Ireland take it from here:

Our bus just hit Boozer's Escalade. Swept, fouled out, and gets his ride trashed all in one night. At least he's a free agent.

Yikes. Now, recent reports have Carlos also owning a Maybach-style Mercedes, and we've seen him with Ferraris, a Maserati, along with a Bentley, BMW 760li and a GMC Yukon Denali. So it's quite possible that the now-wrecked Escalade is the most reasonable ride in Boozer's stable, save for the Denali.

But after a night, and a series like this? What did this guy do all week? Walk under ladders?

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Ball Don't Lie

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