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Either Kevin Love(notes) is a lot taller than his listed height of 6-foot-10, or the Acropolis of Athens is a lot shorter than its listed height of 490 feet. Because Kevin Love is basically Acropolis sized in this picture, and I can guarantee you that it's not because of trick photography. If it were, whoever was pulling the tricks would have made Love look less touristy. Conclusion — Kevin Love is huge. Best caption wins a crown made of ivy leaves. Good luck.

Peviously, Kendall Gill yanks some kid's chain.

Winner, Ryan: "I got this idea from those awesome Tom Emanski baseball training videos featuring Baseball Superstar Fred McGriff. C'mon kid! Don't you want to win the little league world series three years in a row! Ok, next up: Throwing a baseball into a garbage can. Let's do this!"

Runner-up, Mr: Gill: "If you're going to look like Kwame Brown(notes), you're going to play like Kwame Brown!"

Second runner-up, lathargio: Wow, this kid is STILL beating Eddy Curry(notes) down the court"

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Ball Don't Lie

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