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Hey Phoenix Suns bench bros, why the long faces? If you guys didn't know — and the streamers and gigantic sign behind you should have clued you in — you beat the Lakers again. Mostly because you guys did so good. So cheer up. And Goran, if you keep making that face, it'll stay like that. Best caption wins a cassingle of Vitamin C's "Smile." Good luck to you. 

Previously, the Celtics get personal.

Winner, Mysteryyyyyy: "KG: And your mom said it was cool?
RA: Ya, she just said to bring your own sleeping bag.
KG: What about Paul?
RA: She said only one friend tonight..."

Runner-up, JeremyO: "Ray: Sorry, Paul, but I gotta give it to KG.
KG: Thats right! You know I do the best Charlie Murphy around!"

Second runner-up, Mario C: "Ray: Kev, lissen, youi can't be talkin' bout the man's patchy beard. You know he's sensitive...
KG: All I said was, I got this marker, and you know, I could help fill it in.
Ray: Aww, damn, now he's pouting. Go make this right, cuz I ain't gonna be lissening to him whining all night."

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Ball Don't Lie

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