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Bill Clinton sides with labor, and has a gift for Derek Fisher

Former President Bill Clinton wasted no time after the NBA Players Association's press conference on Tuesday in handing a gift to fellow Arkansan Derek Fisher(notes), president of the NBA PA.

If you followed various staked-out NBA scribes on Twitter during Tuesday afternoon, you likely noticed the mentions of President Clinton hanging around the lobby of the hotel where the NBA Players Association was meeting to discuss its collective take on the NBA's latest collective bargaining agreement proposal. And, if you follow the NBA, you probably already know that the players have summarily rejected the league's latest offer, preferring to negotiate with the league on Wednesday before David Stern's threat to pull all "rational" offers off the table at the end of the business day.

What you may have missed following the televised presser was the part where Clinton walked up to Fisher and offered him a copy of Clinton's new book, entitled "Back to Work." If you're thinking I'm attempting a lame joke I can't blame you -- but this is actually the name of the book. Clinton is in New York to promote his newest offering on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" Tuesday night.

Newsday's Alan Hahn took the picture, and the New York Times' Howard Beck tweeted the exchange:

Bill Clinton sides with labor, and has a gift for Derek Fisher

Ah, Slick Willie. Still quick with the quip. Had Fisher actually pulled off an agreement with the NBA Tuesday, we're guessing Clinton would have gone with the tried and true, "We could have used someone like you in Congress."

Of course, the only groups with a lower approval rate than the NBA and NBA PA at this point is Congress, and it's just down to paid staffers and blood relatives.

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