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According to, via Dime, new Clippers guard Baron Davis is following in the (quiter, lighter) footsteps of good friend Queen Latifah by joining the Jenny Craig Program to shed a little off-season Mexican food.

"In the off-season, it's kind of hard to maintain day-to-day," [Baron] says. "I don't want to get up and cook. And when I pig out, I'm the type of person where there's no limit to what I can do." His favorite pig-out food? "Definitely Mexican," he says. "I go to Pinches Tacos in L.A., start with a carne asada burrito, and work my way down the menu."

Boom Dizzle says he won't reveal how much weight he's lost thanks to Jenny's nutritional meals until a press conference in L.A. on Friday, but if he's stuck to the program as religiously as I did, then he's probably shed one or two pounds per week. I'm going to mark him down at 210 pounds, and grab a shake.

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Ball Don't Lie

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