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Following the release of the pictures from Kobe Bryant's(notes) all-white everything photo shoot — and in particular, his urban pilgrim look — we had to ask an important question: where do these photos rank on the list of most bloggable photos of the Internet age? BDL is here to suss it out.

20. Stephon Marbury(notes) stares at the score, screen capture by J.E. Skeets, 2007

If ever there were an image that perfectly captured the Knicks' dreadful Isiah Thomas era, it was this picture. Down by 40 with a quarter left to play, a bored look upon the face of the poster boy for those New York squads, and — just for good measure — awkward spacing on the New York score capsule. Everything was a little off back then, most of all Marbury. Heck, this game made some people cry blood it was so bad. And that's why this picture is so good.

19. Sam Cassell(notes) getting stretched, various Internet sources, 2008

Has there ever been a trainer, in the entire history of athletics, who is happier to be stretching someone? It's just Sam Cassell, buddy. Even if you're the world's biggest Celtics fan, Sam I Am still only played 12 minutes a game in the playoffs. That'd be like getting excited about stretching Rasheed Wallace(notes) this year, and no one is excited about stretching Rasheed Wallace. Especially Rasheed Wallace.

Of course, it's enthusiasm like that of this unknown leg-stretcher that leads teams to championships. Rumor has it that he's now a part of the Orlando Magic staff. That's a huge advantage. (Probably not true.)

18. Ricky Davis(notes) lets his hair go, Getty Images, 2005

It's just perfect. Ricky Davis was crazy and we'd known it for years. However, we'd never seen it so prominently displayed. And then he unbraided his cornrows and let his freak flag fly. Now we have a standard reference point for how a crazy NBA player should look. Most excellent.

Somehow both floppy and gravity-defying, Ricky's hair is still joke-worthy to this day. In fact, it was probably Michael Beasley's(notes) inspiration for his equally hilarious hair, which I guess we could call hil-hair-ious. No? Fair enough.

17. Steve Francis(notes) and Cuttino Mobley(notes) broing down, Getty Images, 2002

We get it — you guys are besties, BFFs for life, and even blood brothers I'm guessing. But really? I mean, really? This is the picture you wanted taken and used for publicity for the entire season, not to mention years and years after that? Well, thanks, guys. We appreciate it. Now go get some matching tattoos or something.

16. Andrei Kirilenko(notes) chillin' on a jet ski next to a pig, Don Brennan, 2009

There's really not much else to be said about this picture that hasn't been said already. I can't even think of a place on Earth where you can ride on a jet ski while there are pigs on a beach. Then again, if you play in the NBA, I'm assuming you can afford to have pigs delivered to wherever you happen to be vacationing. It's one of those perks you never hear about, but then once you do, you're super jealous. Don't act like you wouldn't love a pig just hanging out with you all the time because you would. You totally would.

Come back tomorrow for #11-15 most bloggable NBA photos of the Internet age.

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