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Ball Don't Lie's Two-on-Two All-Star Tournament jumps back West. (No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.) Only twelve teams remain as we wrap up the second-round madness ...

Match-up: Chris Paul and David West vs. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.

How the Hornets got here: Defeated the Thunder's Durant and Green with 66% of the vote.
Game play-by-play, courtesy of "John P": "Forget about the fact that Chris Paul could break either Durant or Green's ankles at will, and that D-West would easily overpower both in the post. Offensively, Durant and Green would only be able to run ISO, which would be effective, but not nearly as much as CP and D-West pick-and-roll ball. Also, this would be a worse match-up for CP if Durant was a more physical post up player, but he isn't. His game is currently predicated on the mid-range ... 12-9." (Um, why 12?)

How the Blazers got here: Defeated the Grizzlies' Mayo and Gay with 82% of the vote.
Game play-by-play, courtesy of Neil Paine: "This is tough; there isn't going to be much defense played in this one. I think it comes down to the Blazers' size advantage and Roy's superior ability to score in the clutch, so Portland ekes out the W in a close one."

Hypothetical rules: Half-court, offense calls the fouls, "winners out" to eleven (by ones and twos, natch), and you've got to win by two. Also, no jeans allowed.

And if you're in a creative mood, leave us a short description of how you see this game unfolding. Who jumps out to the early lead? Who nails the game winner? We'll include the best write-ups in the next round.

Voting will remain open until late Thursday night, MST.

POLLS CLOSED / WINNER: Roy and Aldridge — 54% (1,643 votes) 

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