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Ball Don't Lie's Two-on-Two All-Star Tournament never sleeps. (No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.) Note: First-round match-ups were determined based on the teams' conference records as of Feb. 5 ...

Look, it's a 32-team tournament with just 30 NBA teams. We had to get creative. So, for all intents and purposes, the conference-leading Celtics (and Lakers) win a first-round bye. Or do they!?!? Muahahahaha ... I'm telling you, Pierce and KG better pray The Basketball Jones don't get first ball. I'm a crazy streaky shooter.

A quick reminder of our hypothetical rules: half-court, offense calls the fouls, "winners out" to eleven (by ones and twos, natch), and you've got to win by two. Also, no jeans allowed. (I'm looking at you, Melas.)

And if you're in the mood, leave us a short description of how you think this battle would unfold. Do The Jones even score a basket? Who gets dunked on the most? We'll include the most creative write-ups in the next round.

Voting will remain open until late Sunday night, though we could probably just close it now.

POLLS CLOSED / WINNER: Pierce and Garnett — 50.1% (5,203 votes)

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Ball Don't Lie

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