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Late last week, after a training session with Jared Fogle of Subway and losing obscene amounts of weight fame, Blake Griffin(notes) took a little time to talk about his knee, his brother and life in Los Angeles.

Ball Don't Lie: The thing everybody is wondering, of course, is how is your knee feeling?

Blake Griffin: My knee is great. It feels really good. I'm working out at 100 percent right now, just getting ready for next year.

BDL: I know you're in New York City making your first athletic appearance. Can you tell us about that?

BG: Yeah, I actually just did a workout with Jared Fogle from Subway. He's training for a marathon, so we went through a little workout and we're trying to get him on track.

BDL: How'd it go?

BG: It went well. It went really well. He's in pretty good shape. He actually did a half marathon a couple weeks ago so he's halfway there.

BDL: Have you ever ran a marathon?

BG: No, and I don't plan on running one either. (laughs) We did a little crosstraining, a little more my speed.

BDL: Just to make things clear — you don't believe in something like "the Clippers Curse," right?

BG: No, I don't at all, even despite my injury.

BDL: That's good to hear. Something I was wondering is the adjustments you've had to make. It's a big change coming from college to the NBA in general, but what is it going to be like making that jump after not playing competitively for a year?

BG: You know, I think it'll actually be a little easier. Obviously I lost a year, so I'll have to try to get my rhythm back and all that, but just being able to watch up close and personal how things are done, I think will help me in the long run.

BDL: What have you learned from just watching the games?

BG: Just how guys handle the season. It's a long, long season and it's good to see how guys handle their bodies to make it through 82 games.

BDL: When you're watching, are you surprised at all about how fast and how physical the NBA is?

BG: The speed. The speed is definitely different. In terms of the physicality of it, it really isn't too different. But definitely picking up the speed, having to react a little quicker is something that takes a little time to get used to, but it's not too bad.

BDL: Coming back from an injury, what are you worried about?

BG: Nothing. I'm not really worried about too much. I just want to get back out there and start getting in to a rhythm.

BDL: From everything I can tell, you and Taylor have always played on the same team. Was it weird to see him playing on a different team, and will it be weird to go against him for the first time in forever?

BG: Yeah, it was. Just to see him in a Suns uniform was different, but I sure was happy for him. And I'm proud of how hard he worked to get to where he's at. I got used to it.

BDL: Do you look forward to playing against him?

BG: Oh, yeah. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

BDL: Did he rub it in at all that his team went so far in to the playoffs?

BG: (laughs) No, he didn't say anything like that. We don't do a lot of that. We're more supportive now, I guess, that we're a little older, a little more mature. (laughs)

BDL: What's the biggest difference you've noticed, being in L.A. rather than growing up and playing in Oklahoma?

BG: There's no Pacific Ocean in Oklahoma, so that's something that jumps out right away. Other than that, it's almost like a completely different, I mean, it is a completely different place. It's a night and day difference, but it's cool. I like it. It's fun.

BDL: Are you looking forward to sharing a town with, and having a chance to knock off the Lakers now that they've won back to back titles?

BG: Yeah, they've done well these past three years, or whatever it's been. We're definitely working to be a playoff team like that. Trying to become a franchise that gets to the playoffs on a regular basis.

BDL: What are you hoping the Clippers add this summer? Is there anything specific?

BG: I've still got to get used to the guys we already have. I think adding a 3 that can defend and knock down open shots would be big for us. That'd help us out a lot.

BDL: Are you the funniest guy on the Clippers?

BG: Oh, I'd say DeAndre Jordan(notes).

BDL: OK. How about best dressed? I know Baron Davis(notes) likes his clothes, but I remember that grey three-piece suit from your first Clippers game.

BG: Oh, I don't know, man. Rasual Butler(notes) dresses pretty nice. We don't have too many. (laughs)

BDL: Alright. Thanks for taking the time to talk with BDL. Good luck this year.

BG: Thanks, man. I appreciate it. 


Big ups to Blake Griffin for answering questions about other guys' clothes, and to Subway for selling me so many pizza subs when I was in 4th grade. Those things were delicious. Still are, probably. And now I'm hungry.

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