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"Here's a little secret about the summer league: It blows. The only thing anyone generally ever learns at summer league is who can't play, not who can." Doug Smith speaks the truth.

I watched a few hours of yesterday's Orlando Pro Summer League ball online, and well, minus the odd Westbrook drive or Beasley turnaround, it was pretty atrocious. It was like a glorified pick-up game officiated by volunteer crossing guards. Ugly stuff.

Thankfully, though, Dante and Galante, two random podcasters, were behind the mics, calling the "action." Their sarcastic, off-the-wall humor made the games much more enjoyable. (Especially when they read my e-mail "on air.") Awful Announcing has the mini highlight reel:

The Postmen jotted down some hilarious must-read quotes and notes, but they missed my favorite exchange from the day:

Dante: "On the floor for the Indiana Pacers, um, five guys. And on the floor for the Oklahoma City team, um, also five guys."
Galante: "Oh, so we're legal."
Dante: "Yup."

I can't tell you how much I wish Tas and I we're calling these summer league games.

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Ball Don't Lie

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