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Maybe Wesley Matthews(notes) is overpaid. Maybe we'll look back on this signing in five years and say, "Wow, that's a lot of money for a back-up two guard. Hand me those space beans, please." There's no way to see the future, so we'll have to wait on that.

But for now, let's just let Trailblazers fans enjoy their new shooting guard. This young fan has the right idea. From Jim Taylor, Portland's PR guy:

Boom, face signature. Clearly the most intense of all signatures, and one that only the true die-hards are willing to ask for. Definitely not for amateurs like that jealous kid in the Twins hat.

Yeah, it'll wear off and be worth nothing when little Ricky's mom makes him take a bath, but for the next four days, he'll be the coolest kid in summer camp. Even cooler than the kid who snuck in a couple of his older brother's Maxims, if you can even believe that.

(h/t Eric Freemania via Haubs)

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Ball Don't Lie

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