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Are the Suns trading Steve Nash (question mark)

Thanks to some definitive statements, we now know that Phoenix Suns president Lon Babby is not trading Steve Nash(notes), he's not trading Marcin Gortat(notes), and that he doesn't have a good grasp of what types of punctuation go where. This guy would have been miserable in the time of telegraphs.

There was an ESPN rumor, however depressing, that Minnesota was in talks to possibly send the second pick in Thursday's draft to Phoenix for Steve Nash, a deal that would have been as pointless for Minnesota (what do they need with a win-now point guard with that group?) as it would be for Phoenix (they can't deal Nash without some sort of obvious trade chip in return, so as to explain away to the fair weather fans). It was another in a long line of Minnesota/David Kahn plants (Andre Iguodala(notes) or Andrew Bynum(notes) for the second pick? Sure, David. Sure), but potent enough a rumor for Babby to respond to.

From the Arizona Republic:

"We are not trading Marcin Gortat. Period. End of sentence," Babby said Wednesday morning. "We are not trading Steve Nash. Period. Exclamation point."

The guy is obviously a Dan Baird fan. For those who are wondering what that would look like, here's the transcription:

We are not trading Steve Nash.!

Good for Babby and his Suns for not trading Nash to Minnesota. The idea of Nash and that freewheeling band of non-defenders would be fun for us League Pass obsessive-types, but beyond that it would be a real depressing turn for those who also obsess over the future and legacy of this 37-year-old legend.

Though he's the one who decided to sign a contract extension with the team nearly two years ago, Nash needn't be wasting his last few effective years with a mess like Phoenix, and the Suns should be ashamed for choosing gate receipts over helping this legend (a player that has made them millions) find a contender to play with via a trade. The Suns could cut payroll and find several suitable takers for Nash in any economic climate, passing along the buck in trading however many packaged undesirable contracts with Nash that they want, should they ask around. But they'd prefer to be a pretty-good lottery team with Nash's presence making things palatable, then a potentially winning rebuilding team that also happens to make the world happy and hand Nash one last chance at a ring.

Also, they're not trading him to Minnesota. Period.

And they're going to let him finish out his run on a lottery team in Phoenix. Expletive. Exclamation point.

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