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Back in May, we all thought it would be very awesome that Michael Jordan would be gracing the cover of the video game "NBA 2K11." The inner 9-year-old in all of us rejoiced then went outside to build a tree fort and listen to Nirvana. It was a time for celebration — finally, Michael Jordan would be in our video games! Huzzah!

So if you were happy about that, you'll be ecstatic about the latest developments in the gaming world. CNBC's Darren Rovell got word of what 2kSports is planning, and it's beyond cool.

[NBA 2K11] will have a mode called the "Jordan Challenge." The mode allows fans to play with 10 different versions of Jordan that are authentic to that moment. [...]

The games that fans can play with different versions of Jordan include all of the following:

— April 20, 1986 (Game 2 of the 1st round of the playoffs against the Celtics when Jordan scored 63)

— March 28, 1990 (regular season game against the Cavs when Jordan scored 69)

— June 3, 1992 (Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs versus the Trail Blazers when Jordan scored 35 in the first half)

—  March 28, 1995 (Jordan returns to the game and scores 55 against the Knicks)

— June 11, 1997 (the famous Jordan "flu game")

— June 14, 1998 (the day of his last game in a Bulls uniform as his last second shot gives the Bulls its sixth title under his reign).

Ummm, that's the best video-game news ever, right? Probably not, but for basketball fans, it might be. I'm thrilled enough to want to buy a different system than the Nintendo Wii I use exclusively for Netflix streaming. This will be amazing.

In addition to those games, you'll be able to play as 1991 Finals Jordan and the 1990 version from his shoot-out with Dominique Wilkins. Furthermore, these "challenges" will be interactive. For instance, as Rovell reports, "If you hit six three pointers in a row like Jordan did against the Trail Blazers in 1992, the virtual Jordan will shrug just like he did in real life on that night." Additionally, if that happens, your head will immediately explode from all the awesomeness happening in it.

The only question now is filling in the last two Jordan versions that will be playable. Rovell's article mentions that there will be 10 versions, but only eight are mentioned. There are certainly enough classic Jordan games to choose from, but I'd like to see them take another direction for the final slots. I'd suggest Jordan in the No. 12 jersey against the Magic and Jordan wearing terrible jeans for a charity softball game. I'm not quite sure how the challenges would work, but either of those would really open the game up.

(video via Dime Mag)

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