June 1, 2008 9:09 pm EDT

Too good to look away
By Jerry Bonkowski, Yahoo Sports

Kyle Busch now has four wins on the season. (Getty)
DOVER, Del. – With just five cars finishing on the lead lap, you could make the argument that Sunday's Best Buy 400 was a terrible race. And in some ways it was.

But if you can look past how few drivers were left in contention at the end, you'd see the brilliance that is Kyle Busch.

Let's face it, when so many drivers drop out of contention so early, you start looking for other positives – no matter how few there may be – that come out of an event many would consider a yawner. After all, what else would you call a race where there was just one real pass for the lead, when Carl Edwards overtook teammate Greg Biffle on Lap 171 of the 400-lap event.

But as the race wore on and Busch regained the lead for good on a green-flag pit stop with 73 laps remaining – and TV sets across the country likely began to shut off at what many viewers considered a boring race – what we saw was a textbook way to keep a lead once you got it.

"Sorry if it wasn't exciting," Busch quipped afterward.

Exciting or not, the younger Busch brother did everything he needed to do – consistently hit his marks through the turns, dutifully listening to crew chief Steve Addington's calls for patience in those final 73 laps and maximized the benefit of clean air ahead of him – to earn his Sprint Cup series-leading fourth win of the season.

Add in the four Nationwide and two Craftsman Truck Series wins and the 23-year-old Busch now has 10 victories in 2008.

"Is it greed? I just want to win everything, man," Busch said. "That's all I'm here for is to win as many races as I can, whether it's the truck, Nationwide car or the Cup car."

You may hate the guy – and judging by the boos he received both before and after the race, there's quite a few folks that fall into that category – but if you're a true race fan, as much as you hate to see a driver dominate, particularly if it's KyBusch, sooner or later you can't help but get sucked in by the allure of witnessing something special

Ten Cup wins? Considering he's won four of the first 13 races this season, it's definitely within reach.

And it's not just that he's winning races. It's how he's doing it.

Busch is leaving every other driver in his dust. Like Picasso, the race track is his canvas, and be it classic or abstract, Busch is making winning a totally different art form this year with his ability to win any time, anywhere and in anything.

Even fellow drivers like third-place finisher Greg Biffle can't help but admire the type of performance Busch puts out there almost every time he gets behind the wheel, and in particular Sunday's race at Dover International Speedway.

"He kept adjusting on his car," Biffle said. "At the end, he got his car right and was able to drive off and manipulate traffic better than us. That's really the key. Whoever could get through traffic could just murder you."

For all the confrontations he's had with fellow drivers this season, Busch was taken back a bit by Biffle's remarks.

"Greg said that?" Busch asked. "That's pretty cool for him saying that. Greg was awesome in the beginning. I was following him and just couldn't keep up with him. He went and stepped out and cleared the wall by three feet coming off the corner about every time I'd hit it and wondering how he was doing it. I had my admiration for him there in the beginning.

"Fortunately there at the end, we had a little bit better car maybe, we adjusted it right, got it better and were able to capitalize on track position and just got up there. Doing what you have to do, hitting your marks and that stuff, you've got to stay focused, keep your eyes ahead, keep your eyes on the same marks every time you're going around the track."

Biffle wasn't the only one that admired the way Busch won Sunday's event.

"I think Kyle is being modest," said runner-up Carl Edwards. "That last run I believe his car was the best car. … I think it all just worked out in the best case for him, worst case for us, you know."

While Busch's villain-like persona makes it easy for some fans to root against him, it's getting to the point (if it hasn't gotten there already) where you won't be able to turn away, lest you miss something.

And at the rate he's going – he's now on pace to win 11 races in the Cup series alone this season and roughly another 14 combined Nationwide and truck events – the haters had better listen up: For the next decade or so, Kyle Busch isn't going anywhere except maybe to victory lane.

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